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Risk Management and Patient Safety for All Healthcare Practitioners

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Duration 2, 5, 10
Sessions 13 Sessions , 1 Assessments
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Learning Activity Agenda:


Session 1


Session 2

History of Patient Safety

Session 3

Case Discussion

Session 4

Patient Safety Culture

Session 5

Questions and Answers Part 1

Session 6

define and discuss different risk identification systems and tools

Session 7

Questions and Answers Part 2

Session 8

End of Course Assessment

Scientific Committee:

Learning Activity Objectives:

1.    Define risk management process in healthcare

2.    Review the steps of risk management process

3.    Discuss different types of risks in healthcare settings

4.    Define and discuss different risk identification systems and tools

5.    Discuss and identify the role of risk management professional in a healthcare institute

6.    Summarize the laws, regulations, and different accreditation requirements

Learning Activity Description:

This course focuses on the steps of the risk management process including risk identification, analysis, control, financing, implementation and monitoring. The course addresses the role of the risk management professional and the overall functions the risk management program. It discusses how to integrate the risk management program into other systems in the healthcare facility. In addition, it highlights the ethical and legal principles along with requirements of external agencies such as the government, insurance and accreditation. Adult learning techniques are used to maximize the learning experience.

Learning Outcome:

1- Establish a professional knowledge of Risk Management and Patient Safety in Healthcare and develop skills that will be reflected positively on his practice.

2- The learner Will learn the best steps of the Risk management process in healthcare.


You have to attend 60% of the course and fill out the survey to obtain the certificate.

Learning Activity requirements:


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