Frequently Asked Questions

We offer high-quality online education, which is given by very professional and dedicated healthcare practitioners with a passion for education.

They are very professional, high-caliber health care professionals with a very high interest in education, most have experience in education for many years and are part of various educational programs in their countries.
At MEWB, we are keen to follow the organized scientific method in introducing practical materials, as we have been keen on providing various types of medical and paramedical tracks, and each track is managed by a dedicated and highly professional program director. We are keen on offering developments, taking into consideration the different levels.
With Saudi expertise, aware of the challenges, and innovates to find the right solutions for them in harmony with our culture and daily uses, Valley of Brains provides space for minds that come together to innovate, and help companies and entrepreneurs in various fields by providing technical solutions, electronic services, to build the idea on several ideas, and become a reality that will contribute to building a promising national economy. In the Valley of Brains, we believe that the challenge is a great opportunity, and that the technical solutions that are growing day after day will adapt the future to keep pace with our ambitions.
please fill up the information in the Become a Speaker section, your request will be reviewed by our program directors and you will be notified within 5 working days
You can select all the courses you wish to join, then upon check out transfer the sum amount visible in the checkout section. Transfer the amount visible in the checkout to the following bank information: Arab National Bank SA7330000108095366080019 Trans horizon health training CO. Branch: Head office .KSA Address:KSA SWEFT code:ARNBSARIXXX Attach the transfer slip image with your application during the checkout using the bank trasfer method. We will review your application within 48 hours and according to the details of the transfer and the banking details, your request will be approved, when this occurs, you will have immediate access to the content of the courses you have joined. To know about the condition of your payment status, you can follow your order in your personal dashboard. If your payment was seen with remarks, the admin staff will call you using your provided contact details of your profile.

Each course that is joined has its special requirement to be completed prior to being allowed to obtain a certificate. Please make sure you read carefully the course site, to read the "certificate section" which is available on the main course site. Once the requirements of a course are completed, a survey will be apparent and accessible at the end of the course content menu. Your valuable comments and assessment of the course feedback will be required prior to automatically issue the certificate. You will always find all your certificates in the certifacte section of your account.

To help you reach to your target course, please watch this video which will help describe the easy steps for you to reach your target. we aim that you have the best possible user experience 
You can expect to find the uploaded video within 24 to 48 hours from the completion time of the live lecture.
Please accept that the upload of the CME credits will be completed Within two working weeks from the end date of the course for the live CME courses. And within 1 month for the electronic CME hours. It is important to acknowledge that the SCFHS has the right to accept and reject the upload of CME according to the target audience accepted by the SCFHS for each type of educational activity.
You have the right to refund the fees according to the refunding policies described in the refund policy. You can find the policy at the footer of the page.