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Moderate (Conscious ) Sedation Course

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Learning Activity details
Duration 10, 5, 2
Sessions 20 Sessions , 2 Assessments
Course Location: Recorded
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Learning Activity Agenda:



Pre-course Assessment

25 min

Pre-course Assessment

Session 1

20 min


Session 2

20 min

Pre-procedure Patient Assessment

Session 3

20 min

Risk Stratification in Sedation

Sessioin 4

20 min

Airway Assessment

Session 5

20 min

Clinical Pharmacology of Common Used Sedatives and their Antagonists

Session 6

10 min

Clinical pharmacology of Commonly used Analgesics

Session 7

15 min

Commonly used local Anesthetics

Session 8

20 min

Area Set up and Staffing

Session 9

20 min

Essential Monitoring During Sedation

Session 10

20 min

Levels of Sedation

Session 11

20 min

Common Complications

Session 12

10 min

Post Procedure Monitoring

Session 13

10 min

Safe Discharge Process


10 min

Hypoxia and its Management

Session 15

20 min

Airway Skills Videos


10 min

Case Scenarios

post-course assessment

25 min

post-course assessment


Scientific Committee:

Learning Activity Objectives:

1-   Enable the learner to fulfill necessary accreditation requirements that indicate safe practice.

2-   To enable learners to understand the criteria for patients who can undergo moderate sedation by proceduralists.

3-   To enable learners to understand the different levels of sedation.

4-   The learner will be able to describe the essential equipment/monitoring of sedated patients and aid in interpreting the given clinical data

5-   The learner will be about to Describe common complications during moderate sedation along with its management.

6-   The learner will be able to demonstrate basic airway examination and explain necessary skills in airway management.

Learning Activity Description:

Moderate Sedation course for Physicians is an online course intended for physicians who administer intravenous sedation during their clinical practice. It has been specifically designed for busy clinicians and delivered completely through online learning modules which can be completed according to your free time at your own pace. Modules cover all essential areas in moderate sedation. It includes lectures, videos and case scenarios in addition to interactive online session. All candidates are expected to have valid ACLS certificate in order to be certified in moderate sedation. Certification is granted upon successfully achieving a minimum of 70% in course assessment section.

Learning Outcome:

1-   To Promote safety and efficiency during moderate sedation of patients.

2-   The learner will be and to identify and manage the common side effects and complications related to modorate sedation

3-   The learner will be able to understand and describe the safe process of patient discharge following moderate sedation.

4-   The learner will be about to describe basic clinical pharmacology of commonly used sedatives and analgesics.


You have to attend 60% of the course and fill out the survey to obtain the certificate.

Learning Activity requirements:


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