Refund Policy

Cancellation and Refunding

1.1 If a participant wants to cancel his/her registration, he/she must follow the procedure below:
1.1.1 The participant must fill the electronica cancellation form and send it back
1.1.2 Registration coordinator will verify the information mentioned in the form and approve or reject according to below:
1.1.3 For lectures, Symposia and Workshops: If the cancellation was requested not less than 2 weeks or more before the starting date, 100% of the registration fees will be refunded. If the cancellation was requested less than 2 weeks before the starting date, the participant will not get a refund If cancellation request is rejected e requester will be notified by the email Finance Department will verify the information mentioned in the cancellation form and its attachment If Cancellation Request is approved, Finance Department will process the registration fees refund accordingly within 3 months. If cancellation request is rejected, Finance Department will return the request to the requester with clear justification for reason of rejection within 5 working days. The amount paid will be refunded after deducting the administrative fees which represent 5% of the fees.

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