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Legal Awareness for Healthcare Professionals for All Healthcare Practitioners (2 Aug 2024)

139.00 SAR
Accredited 2 CME Hours by SCFHS
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Learning Activity Agenda:

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An overview of the program

Dr. Ahmed Alayoubi


The law of practicing healthcare professionals

Dr. Abdussalam Alshehri


Case Scenarios

Dr. Ahmed Alayoubi

Dr. Abdussalam Alshehri



Dr. Ahmed Alayoubi

Dr. Abdussalam Alshehri


Scientific Committee:

Learning Activity Objectives:
upon completiong of this activity the participant will be able to:
1- identify the effects of adhesions on patients.
 2- The candidate will learn how to reduce the incidence of adhesions
3- reduce the effect of adhesions complications in the future on the patients

Learning Activity Description:

The podcast explains different health-related laws, what should be known by healthcare workers, and the way to deal with different legal or procedural issues to reduce liability and complaints. 

Learning Outcome:
Describe  the relationship between the law and the healthcare practice related

Numerate the various types of medical malpractice mistakes

List the methods that can help reduce the incidence of complaints

Describe steps to be taken to ensure obligation towards patients and preservation of healthcare proviors's rights


You have to attend 60% of the course to obtain the certificate and you have to be from the target audience to receive the CME hours.

Learning Activity requirements:


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