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Clinical Documentation Improvement Course (27 July 2024)

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Learning Activity Agenda:

The course will start at 19:00 

Course Date

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27 July 2024

2 August 2024

Course Topics:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI).
  • Module 2: Policy and Procedure for Clinical Documentation Improvement.
  • Module 3: Importance of physician \ Nurses training in CDI.
  • Module 4: Recognize the mandated standards in Saudi Arabia for CDI and Coding compliance and national \ international Patient Safety Guidelines.
  • Module 5: CDI Auditing Process.
  • Module 6: CDI Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Scientific Committee:

Target Audience:
  • Nursing and Midwifery
    1. Adult Critical Care Nursing
    2. Anesthesia Nursing
    3. Cardiovascular Nursing
    4. Community and Public Health Nursing
    5. Diabetic Care Nursing
    6. Diabetic Podiatry Care Nursing
    7. Disaster and Emergency Nursing
    8. Emergency Care Nursing
    9. Geriatric Nursing
    10. Hemodialysis Nursing
    11. Maternity and Child Health Nursing
    12. Medical and Surgical Nursing
    13. Midwifery
    14. Neonatal Critical Care Nursing
    15. Nursing
    16. Nursing Administration
    17. Nursing Education
    18. Obstetrics and Gynecologic Nursing
    19. Oncology and Palliative Care Nursing
    20. Pain Management Nursing
    21. Pediatric Nursing
    22. Pediatric Nursing Critical Care
    23. Pre, Intra and Postoperative nursing care
    24. Primary Health Care Nursing
    25. Psychological and Mental Health Nursing
    26. Wound Care Nursing
  • Medicine and Surgery
    1. Allergy and Immumology
    2. Anatomic Pathology
    3. Anesthesia
    4. Bariatric medicine
    5. Blood Transfusion Medicine
    6. Cardiac Surgery
    7. Cardiovascular Medicine
    8. Clinical Pathology
    9. Critical Care Medicine
    10. Dermatology
    11. Developmental Pediatrics
    12. Diagnostic Radiology
    13. Emergency Medicine
    14. Endocrinology
    15. Epidemiology
    16. Family Medicine
    17. Fetal Echocardiography
    18. Forensic Medicine
    19. Gastroenterology
    20. Gastrointestinal Surgery
    21. General Practice
    22. General surgery
    23. Geriatric Medicine
    24. Hand and Wrist Surgery
    25. Hematological Pathology
    26. Hematology
    27. hip and knee arthroplasty Surgery
    28. Infectious Disease
    29. Internal Medicine
    30. Medical Genetics
    31. Medical Microbiology
    32. Medical Oncology
    33. Neonatal Intensive Care
    34. Neonatology
    35. Nephrology
    36. Neurology
    37. Neuropathology
    38. Neurosurgery
    39. Nuclear Medicine
    40. Obstetrics and Gynecology
    41. Occupational Medicine
    42. Ophthalmology
    43. Orthopedic Surgery
    44. Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
    45. Pediatric Complex Care -Palliative Care
    46. Pediatric Emergency Medicine Trauma
    47. Pediatric Neurology
    48. Pediatric Oncology
    49. Pediatric Surgery
    50. Pediatrics
    51. Perinatal Neonatal Medicine
    52. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    53. Plastic Surgery
    54. Preventive Medicine and Public Health
    55. Psychiatry
    56. Public Health
    57. Pulmonology
    58. Radiation Oncology
    59. Renal transplant
    60. Rheumatology
    61. Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery
    62. Thoracic Surgery
    63. Urology
    64. Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
    65. Vascular Surgery

Learning Activity Objectives:

1) To demonstrate Clinical Documentation Improvement.

2) To learn and identify Policies and Procedures for Clinical Documentation Improvement.

3) To define the Importance of physician training in Clinical Documentation Improvement.

4) To apply training for nurses on clinical documentation improvement.

5) To identify the mandated standards in Saudi Arabia for CDI and Coding compliance and national \ international Patient Safety Guidelines.

6) To learn the clinical documentation improvement auditing process.

7) To apply clinical documentation improvement Key Performance Indicators.

Learning Activity Description:

The main responsibility of all health care providers to ensure that each patient encounter within the health care system is documented in an accurate and timely manner. For a facility to develop a successful CDI program, there must be strong leadership and support from professional staff.

This course aims to improve the clinical documentation in the patient's medical records including (diagnosis, treatment, and progress notes) to standardize the documentation process and enhance clinical compliance, support for coding levels. 

CDI's primary purpose is to support quality patient care and to ensure that all healthcare providers caring for patients during current or next episodes of hospitalization have access to the necessary records. It must be accurate, up-to-date, and understandable.

This will enable healthcare facilities to provide high-quality and safe care to patients by ensuring safe and effective communications between healthcare providers.

Learning Outcome:

upon completing this activity, the participant will be able to: 1- Develop a good understanding of the Clinical Documentation Improvement objectives.

2-Assist the physicians and nurses in Ambulatory Care Centers in understanding the definition and importance of Clinical Documentation Improvements and the impact on patient safety and quality of care.

3-Learn and be able to apply the rules for Clinical Documentation and coding.


You have to attend 60 % of the course to obtain the certificate.

Learning Activity requirements:


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