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Ultrasound Course (24-25 Oct 2024)

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869.00 SAR
Accredited 5 CME Hours by SCFHS
Learning Activity details
Sessions 2 Sessions
Course Location: Live
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Learning Activity Agenda:

Day one

Online Lecture



Online Lectures and Videos Content Clouser Date

24 Oct 2024

7 pm

28 Oct 2024


Day Two




25 Oct 2024

9 am - 4 pm

The venue for training will be in

مركز أفنيو الطبي - مجمع جادة الطب الطبي

011 200 0099

Scientific Committee:

Target Audience:
  • Laboratories and Medical Technology
    1. Radiological Technology - Medical Imaging Informatics
    2. Radiological Technology
    3. Radiological Technology - Radiation Dosimetrist
    4. Medical Physics - Radiation Protection
  • Nursing and Midwifery
    1. Midwifery
    2. Primary Health Care Nursing
    3. Nursing Education
    4. Maternity and Child Health Nursing
    5. Obstetrics and Gynecologic Nursing
    6. Emergency Care Nursing
    7. Community and Public Health Nursing
    8. Disaster and Emergency Nursing
    9. Pre, Intra and Postoperative nursing care
  • Medicine and Surgery
    1. Diagnostic Radiology
    2. Family Medicine
    3. Emergency Medicine
    4. Obstetrics and Gynecology
    5. General Practice

Learning Activity Objectives:

Learn the knobology of most used ultrasound machines.

Learn the principles of obtaining the best images related to first trimester ultrasound.

Learn how to confirm viability of pregnancy and location of the gestational sac and to diagnose multiple and singleton pregnancy.

Learn Principles of obtaining the best images related to the second and third trimester pregnancy gestations.

Learn the methods of monitoring growth by ultrasound.

Learn the methods of measuring the amniotic fluid indices by ultrasound. 

Learning Activity Description:

Principles of Knobology in Ultrasound machines

How to obtain a proper image of an ultrasound

Types of ultrasound machines

Types of Ultrasound Transducers

First trimester ultrasound images and diagnoses: viability, singleton & multiple pregnancy

Second Trimester ultrasound images and diagnosis: anatomy scan

Third Trimester ultrasound images and diagnosis: Growth scan and Doppler Measurement


Learning Outcome:

Upon completion of this activity, the participants will:

Be able to understand the knobology of ultrasound machines and how to obtain a better ultrasound image.

Be able to interpret a first trimester ultrasound and confirm viability of a pregnancy.

Be able to interpret the second trimester ultrasound and the most important findings.

Be able to interpret a third trimester ultrasound image and focus on growth measurement.

Be able to obtain and interpret gynecology ultrasound images. 


you have to attend 60% of the course and fill out the survey to obtain the certificate.

Learning Activity requirements:

The venue for training will be in 

مركز أفنيو الطبي - مجمع جادة الطب الطبي

011 200 0099


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