Dr.Elham Mardawi


Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist Residency Training Program Director (2013- 2019) Assistant Professor at the College of medicine, AL Faisal University (2013- 2017) Teaching member in the Diploma of Ultrasonography in Ob/Gyn (2014 till now)    
  • Member in the local training committee of the central region (2013- 2019)
  • Member in the organizing committee of the Obstetric Emergency & Trauma Workshop (OBERT)
  • Member in the Basic Operative Surgical Skills Course (BOSS) Executive Committee
  • Member in the Medical Records & Forms Committee
  • Regular instructor in the OBERT Workshop
  • Regular instructor in the BOSS Course.
    Phone: +966 1 8026724                                                                            P.O.Box: 5801 Mobile: +966590067007 ,                                                                         RIYADH Fax: +966 1 8024737                                                                                   11432 E-mail:   emardawi@sfh.med.sa                                                       SAUDI ARABIA   elhammfm@gmail.com  

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