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DR AHMED GHAZI A handsome (hope you fail accessing my photo), kick boxer Gynecological Oncologist, robotic and gynecological cosmetic surgeon, A/P at Jeddah University, Chairman of Obstetrics & gynecology and gynecology Oncology division at KAMC.   One day my father told me that my life is like a book filled with pages and every day represents the day you lived with the things you have seen, said and done. And there are special pages that attract our attention and act as a tipping point to where the story will go.
this interesting page of life I saw during the rounds, a patient who had an ovarian cancer, her face was gloomy and sad and her abdomen was large . She was blind and crawling on the ground with blood soaking her gown, she told me, doctor I think I am passing away and I am not going to see my kids again. I don’t know who will take care of them or who will wake them up for school. I bent down and kissed her head and said: its ok, you're going to be alright, we will do the best we can to cure you and make sure that you will be the one who will wake your kids up for school. The following day, I came to her room and I didn’t see her. I asked for her and I found out that she passed away. I was so disappointed; I asked my self who would take care of her children? Why couldn’t we save her life? “This question kept popping up in my head” how can we diagnose these cases early enough to prevent them from reaching advanced stages? I discussed that issue with my consultant and he ended the discussion by saying ovarian cancer is the SILENT KILLER!! These words echo in my head, every day that I hear them being asked over and over again as if it was yesterday. I realized that day that I have to direct my story (my life) to a way that will make me a better health care provider and better person than I am now. This page was a turning point to me because it showed me the path, which I am going to follow
“GYNECOLOGICAL ONCOLOGY.” I always believe that adding a sense of humor is essential to making the long hard working hours become more enjoyable and fun.
I used to make jokes and by making my colleagues laugh I ease and refresh their spirits and minds for the long hours ahead in our noble duties for caring for our patients. I used to get yearly award as the best teacher during my residency, fellowship and currently as university staff. I have run many successful courses and I still believe the teaching is my passion   Thank you Yours sincerely, Ahmed A. Ghazi to Visit My page Dr.Samir Abbas Hospital    

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