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Ovulation Induction for General OBGYN

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Accredited 2 CME Hours by SCFHS
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Learning Activity Agenda:


Start Time



Session 1


An overview of the program

Dr. Samer Ahmeed

Session 2


Ovulation stimulation methods that can be used by obstetricians and gynecologists

Dr. Abdullah Kafy

Session 3


Pannel discussion

Dr. Abdullah Kafy

Session 4


Leuteal phase support with ovulation induction

Dr. Salwa Gari

Session 5


Pannel discussion

Dr. Salwa Gari

Scientific Committee:

Learning Activity Objectives:




1-  Describe the mechanism of ovulation.

2-  Describe  the mechanism of ovulation induction by medical treatment

3-  Numerate different medical options for ovulation induction

4-  List the common side effects of medical ovulation induction  

5-  Describe the methods of assessment of patient response to ovulation induction by medication

Learning Activity Description:

online seminar about the use of ovulation induction methods safely by general obstetrics and gynecology and family medicine specialists, and to guide them when they need to refer the patient to specialized care.

Learning Outcome:


upon completing this activity the participant will be able to: assess the patient complaining of infertility, and understand the mechanism of action of different ovulation induction methods. To refer the patient for reproductive medicine  


You have to attend 60% of the course to obtain the certificate.

Learning Activity requirements:


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