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Surgical Adhesions in Obstetrics and Gynecology

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42.00 SAR
Accredited 2 CME Hours by SCFHS
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Learning Activity Agenda:


Start Time



Session 1


An overview of the program

Dr. Haitham Badr

Session 2


Understanding Adhesions

Dr. Samer Ahmeed

Session 3


Techniques to help reduce adhesions

Dr. Khaled Akkour

Session 4


Pannel discussion

Dr. Samer Ahmeed
Dr. Khaled Akkour

Session 5


Q&A session

Dr. Samer Ahmeed
Dr. Khaled Akkour



Learning Activity Objectives:
1- Reduce the incidence of adhesions.
2- Learn how to prevent adhesions 
3- Learn the most common complications associated with adhesions and chronic pelvic pain. 

Learning Activity Description:


The course explains what adhesions are, and what are the risks associated with adhesions and describes the techniques on how to reduce the incidence.

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1- You have to be from the target audience intended for this activity. 

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Learning Outcome:

Upon completion of this activity the participant will be able to:

Identify the effects of adhesions on patients and the candidate will learn how to reduce the incidence of adhesions to reduce the effect of its complications in the future on the patients.




You have to attend 60% of the course and fill out the survey to obtain the certificate.

Learning Activity requirements:


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