ECG Made Easy (Basic and Advanced) – April 2021

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28 students

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This course is Accredited for 8 CME Hours from SCFHS.

This is a combination of a self-paced lectures with live interactive lectures

The course aims to simplify the concept of ECG

At the end of this course , you will be able to interpret ECG tracings with confidence and accuracy

Target Audience

  • Emergency , Cardiology, ICU , Family medicine and Anesthesia physicians
  • Medical interns
  • Medical students
  • Nursing
  • Paramedics and EMTs

Course Description

The course will focus on the candidate’s ability to understand and recognize variations in the electrical conduction of the heart as evidenced by changes on the 12 lead ECG.

The course will encompass the recognition and detection subtle findings of STEMI and STEMI mimics. Also , will cover the dysrhythmias (tachyarrhythmia  and bradyarrythmia)

Course Objectives:

  1. Identify the normal cardiac conduction system
  2. Normal vs abnormal rhythm
  3. STEMI and STEMI equivalents
  4. Dysrhythmias ( tachy and brady )


Course Preview
  • Price
    249.00 SAR
  • CME 8 Hours
  • Sessions 6

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